Friday, January 25, 2008

Lovin' me an author!!

So, this author T.L. Hines messages me on myspace about a year ago wanted me to 'add' him as a friend. I reply "I am not in the habit of adding people I don't know to my friends list, but I will read your book and let you know what I think." (In retrospect, I was a total SNOB, but not intentionally. In my defense I had just gotten a ton of stupid requests from girls and bands . . .yadda, yadda, yadda). So, about two weeks later I was at the local library (PG Library that is) and they didn't have a copy, so I forgot about it until about 2 weeks after that when I was at the Fayetteville Library. They had a copy and I grabbed it. Literally, it took me like less than a day to read it . . .It was great "Waking Lazarus". (check it out seriously) I got on myspace and humbled myself, adding him as a friend and letting him know how great I thought his book was. He was gracious and kind. I joined his website (see link above) and became a 'volunteer publicist' for him. I didn't do a whole lot, blogged about it on my blogs, added it to my fav. books, played the video on my sites and talked about it to everyone I knew. Lo and behold, I get an email from him (en masse) that he is going to share his earnings from the book with the 'top publicists". I was one of them, not super high up on the list, but I still received $10 from the author into my paypal account! I was so impressed. I was fairly active on his blog and website, met some really neat people too. I took the $10 and bought another copy of "Waking Lazarus" (after I returned it to the library, I went and bought a copy, and I hope to have it signed by him in the future!) and donated it to my local library (PG)! He has since written another novel titled "The Dead Whisper On", equally amazing!! I just got a personal email from him this week that read (and I quote)

"Hi, Sarea -

I've finished writing my third book, called "The Unseen," and sent it to the publisher. I've named a character after you--if you're groovy with that. I'll put a note in the "acknowledgments" section of the book, along the lines of "Thanks to Sarea Brockman, who graciously allowed me to use her name fictitiously in this novel." If you'd rather not have your whole name in there, or have your name used at all, let me know. I'm kinda sorta trying to revamp my website sections to integrate the whole thing into one cohesive whole, and I'll announce your name by the end of this month, I hope.

TL Hines
Noir Bizarre Tales"

Seriously, HOW COOL IS THAT??? I was so excited, and he is such a neat, down to earth guy! Anyway, check out his website, and his myspace and I would be tickled pink if you guys picked up a copy of any of his books, but especially this new one with my name in it! I will remind you when it gets closer!