Monday, December 8, 2008

Family Pictures . . .A first since 1995

We haven't had a family picture made of the ENTIRE family since 1995 . . .I should scan the last one in, but I can't find it. Mark and I were just newly married, and Harmony and Curt were only engaged . . . No grandkids and Ben was still a kid himself!
Here we are in all of our glory! God has really blessed us with an amazing family, and for that I am VERY thankful!

I am going to include all the individual families so that you know who belongs to who!

Here is mom and dad (Dennis and Bonnie) Married for 35 years.

Mark and I (married 13 years)

Here we are with the kids, Madison (8), Ethan (5.5) and Garret (9)

Harmony and Brian (married in Feb 2008)

Here they are with thier kids Kelsey (18), and Nate (11) and Lexi (9)

Here is Ben with his wife Heidi (married 6 years) and Summit (almost 2!)

Here are a few more of my favorite shots . . .