Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baptist . . .

So today was my first Sunday back to church in quite some time. I had been wanting to go back for a while, but was really feeling 'blocked' for many reasons. Thankfully the kids jumped on board and we did it together!! We attended "First Baptist of Prairie Grove", which was where I was going when I first moved here, but due to some issues I had with others in the church, I quit.
I had some reserves because of the "Baptist" label, but I was actually very pleasantly surprised.

Let me just tell you . . .
  • The worship music was updated, (although I do love hymns).
  • The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable.
  • There were the perfect amount of people, not so few you feel like an obvious guest, but not so many you get lost in the shuffle.
  • The kids loved Children's Church.
  • It was nice to see some familiar faces.
Now, let me say a little something about the 'sermon': (which was VERY interesting to me, and not typical, even for this church, as they are in the middle of a 'sermon series')
These are some of the things said, and people quoted today
(It was on "Jesus Among Other Gods")
  • "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda, Buddha" (pronounced correctly)
  • Ravi Zacharias was quoted.
  • Jesus Christ was quoted. (no brainer)
  • Buddha was quoted.
  • GK Chesterton was quoted.
  • "nirvana" was talked about
  • Nirvana(and I mean the band)
And some great points were made. I like the kind of service that is educational instead of hell and damnation. A double bonus?? We did NOT sing "Just as I am" as the closing song!

P.S. We will be going back. . .

Friday, September 11, 2009

Backtracking . .

Apparently, it is too overwhelming to think about blogging about everything that I have missed so far. . .so starting Monday I will start fresh! Looking forward to doing this again! ;-)