Monday, December 14, 2009

Okay . . .

Here it goes. . .

I am divorced. As of December 2nd, it was final. I moved out in May, and didn't rush into anything. I have peace about it, and stand by my decision.

I don't want to hear "I'm so sorry" . . .You don't know my situation.

I don't want to hear "Congratulations" . .because no matter how bad you think it was or wasn't, that is still 14 years of my life that is over.

I don't want to go out and celebrate it, because I don't feel like it is something that should be celebrated.

I don't want to have to explain it to everyone 800 different times, and re-live it over and over again. . . I am divorced, that is it. It didn't work out between us (and even though that sounds trite, you will not find me trash talking the father of my children).

I look forward to blogging again on a regular basis, I have missed it and I think it might have missed me a little too!

Since today would have typically (and since it is only 11:30 pm, it is still technically) a Manic Monday, I will proceed in that fashion!!

Well, I am still homeschooling the kids in the mornings and working part time Mon-Thurs from 2-6:30 at the local chiropractic office. My sister watches the kids on Monday's, my mom watches them Tuesday's and Wednesday's and my mother in law (can't bring myself to call her my ex mother in law, she means too much to me to do that) watches them on Thursdays. They are all very supportive of me working part time and have been so helpful and loving to me and my kids! I enjoy my job, but it has been crazy because I have been working full time for the last three weeks. The only other woman that worked there with me quit quite suddenly and left us high and dry . . .My boss is amazing though and we made it through. We have hired another lady and she seems to be doing fine so far. I have realized though that I am not a good teacher, I want people to get it as fast as I do, and understand it as quickly.

I just taught a CPR class to the local canoe club and that was fun! A great group of people and I am excited about maybe joining them on some of their adventures! I am going to post some random pictures of the last few months to catch you up to speed. . . Enjoy!

The kids and I on Halloween, dressed as football/baseball players!

Ethan just being . .well . . . Ethan! (I can't believe that he is going to be 7 next month!)

Garrett loved rock climbing, but I think he enjoyed rappelling much more!

Madison had a great time at Lincoln Lake with the homeschool group learning to rappel, rock climb and even got in a little bit of kayaking!!


Mallerina said...

I love you =) It has been too long! You must come see my new house! Tell the kids Big Mallory misses them more than they could imagine. Dinner sometime??

Haddock said...

Ha ha that group photo with the kids