Sunday, November 30, 2008

Okay, so Madison's birthday was a big success! Except for being on the coldest day of the year as of then, everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves!
Mark had the tractor and trailer all set up and gave several hay rides, and he also had a nice fire in the fire ring to keep everyone warm as well as assist in the cooking of the hotdogs and marshmallows for smores!

Nate took this picture of Mark and I together . . .I thought it turned out nice!

Hayride Riders . . .LOL

Madison's Horseshoe cake . . .and we had cupcakes too! Plus, Mark made some amazing chili and it was ALL gone (He made 2 crock pots full!)

Here is Madison with Julie and Tess . . .Madison LOVES animals so she was really happy that Julie brought Tess!

I made 'Ho-bo' bags for all the kids that had glo sticks, candy, pencils and erasers in them . . .they got a big kick out of those!!!

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AMom said...

Hi there! You know, I was looking at the note you sent to me (with Prison Break) which is on the wall by my computer, and I realized (again) how much I appreciate you. :) Especially during that time, when things seemed to be crazy and emotional in my life. You shared yourself with me, and allowed me to do the same, and I just wanted to take a moment right now, while I was thinking of you, to let you know how much that means to me. :)
Love and hugs!!
- August G