Friday, January 23, 2009

Time . .

Where does it go? I am baffled that January is almost over . . .and although I have a great birthday weekend with the girls planned for Hot Springs next weekend, it makes me sad that this month is already over and so much has happened ...

We are finishing the first month of 2009.

We inaugurated our newest FIRST African American President.

My baby turned 6.

I got addicted to Bejeweled 2 AND Balloon Invasion! LOL

I also got addicted to and finished Seasons 1, 2, 3 and almost 4 of the show "24" (and that is actually only in the last week and a half.)

My kids are whizzing through their school!

I am going to be 34 in 8 days . . .

It just blows my mind . . .really . . .I sometimes feel so isolated in my life and everything that is going on around me and it makes me feel selfish. I have so many friends and loved ones that are struggling daily to survive (physically and mentally) and I really don't have it all that bad at all. It is easier to wallow in self pity (over the littlest things) and really lose sight of what and who is important. I am not exactly sure where that puts me in the scheme of things, but I do know that (are you ready for this . . .)

. . .this too shall pass . . .(I am pretty sure I didn't say it even ONCE yesterday! LOL)

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