Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice Storm 2009

Okay, so the Ice Storm of 2009 hit NWArkansas Tuesday morning early. We lost our electricity at 7:30 am, and it looked bleak as to when it would return . . . We only ventured out to grab a bit to eat and pick up some groceries. I was very glad that my husband was off work to help out. We still managed to get our homeschooling done that morning. The next morning we got school done and then ventured out to see what had happened to our yard. . .
Here is Garrett, I love this face!

Thanks to all of our camping supplies I was still able to have light and cook a decent breakfast. (Skillet breakfast, eggs, sausage, potatoes and cheese) Yummy!

Here is Ethan checking out the ice!

Madison was enjoying the jaunt down the driveway (our cars weren't going in or out at that point!)

Here is what the driveway actually looked like . . .completly impassable. We had to get the chainsaws and the tractor to help clear the way.

The swing set didn't look nearly as inviting to the kids as it had two weeks earlier! LOL

We did alot of card playing and looking at each other. As you can see on the far right, we were heating with propane (a no-no I know). We all slept in the living room and kept the doors closed to the other rooms. . . Wed. morning our guinea pig (to the left) was acting wierd. I immediately thought carbon monoxide poisoning and took him outside for fresh air . . .it didn't help, and he ended up passing away. Madison was so upset! She cried for about 2 hours . . .it was horrible. We decided to head out to my mom and dad's because even though they didn't have electricity, they had wood heat. So my family and my sisters family all hung out there on Wed. and Thursday. . .

Tree damage . . .it was EVERYWHERE!

Here are the guys helping us clear the driveway . . .trees took down fences all over the property!

We got a generator on loan from a family member that didn't need it (Thanks to Jimmy and Betty!), so Thursday was much better! We had heat and the fridge worked, as well as a lamp and the TV! The kids were about to go stir crazy!!!
Still no electricity on Friday morning (my birthday), but my girlfriends and I were headed to Hot Springs to celebrate! I felt better leaving knowing that the family had the generator to keep them company!
An update on my birthday weekend and the continuing saga in a few days!!

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