Thursday, September 29, 2011


Being reflective

..of my trip to Detroit as I sit in the airport, going through photos and listening to music.

Made some good choices?
Made some bad ones?

Cemented some friendships and fractured a few others...

Trying to figure out who am I really, seriously? At age 36 I am still trying to figure this out? Do others do this? Trying to figure out how to make what I think, line up with what I do, or more correctly, making what I do line up with what I think. Screw Trying to figure out if I want my life to be what I think, or what I do...That's the truth...

Some soul searching and goal setting is in my future for sure. Maybe some time at the cabin by myself just being reflective and honest...I am honest with others to a degree, but not sure if I am really honest with myself at all. Yes, a trip to the cabin. It will happen, and soon!!

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