Thursday, April 23, 2009

Okay, here are my ideas . . .
Manic Mondays: An update on my crazy weekends
Tid Bit Tuesdays: Just a teaser for a later story . . .(thanks to my SIL for the idea)
Wacky Wednesdays: My grip day . . .if you don't read on Wednesdays, I will totally understand!
Truthful Thursdays: I bare my soul . . .(as much as one will on line for everyone to read. I may just pull from my private blog with editing for this one)
Faithful Friday: A favorite verse from the week and my thoughts on it!
Sanity Saturdays: Whatever I need to write about (or choose NOT to write) to keep my sanity!
Sundays: . . .Well, this may be a day of rest most of the time, but it might be misc. depending on how I feel . . .Or I may promote a website or a blog that I partake of and think you might like!
I am open for suggestions or ideas and plan on starting this 'format' on Monday!!

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