Thursday, April 30, 2009

Truthful Thursday

Well, I am just not sure how 'truthful' I really want to be today . . .

I cleaned alot yesterday, and TRUTHFULLY, I should be cleaning the kitchen instead of blogging.

TRUTHFULLY, I didn't school the kids today (or yesterday, but I had a reason not to school them yesterday, and TRUTH BE TOLD, I did have a class called "how to rearrange furniture without having to move any pictures on the wall" and "how NOT to organize" and maybe could have had one called "Things you shouldn't find in the couch"), but instead I have spent more time on the computer than I would like to admit and played some Wii with the kids . . .I am going to go now and prepare something for supper and read to Ethan (he loves that). He also just told me to 'tickle his epidermis' . . .he is only 6, so I am doing something right!!

P.S. He followed that up by saying "How many layers of skin do we have?" and when I replied 3 (I think that is right: UPDATE: It is, Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis (also known as Subsomething)) his reply was "You look like you have a lot more than that" . . . I just decided, we are having Ethan for dinner!! LOL

Truth: I need to lose some weight

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