Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Picture post update from Wacky Wednesday . . .

Living Room Before (from the boys' room)

Living Room after (from the boys' room)

Living room before (from the kitchen)

Living Room after (from the kitchen)
The biggest deal was to get the desktop computer moved from the bedroom into the living room . . .I am not super excited about having it next to the television, but it will work for now . . .

Another shot of the living room from the kitchen to show off the deer mounts (Mark would appreciate that)
This is embarrasing . . .
The Master Bedroom before

The Master Bedroom after

Oh, I am exhausted, so I called the hubby and had him bring Sonic home for dinner . . .I will work on the kitchen and the bathrooms tomorrow!

P.S. Still looking for that VERSE ONE WOMAN! (She wasn't under the couch . . hee hee)

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Rebecca said...

Nice job! I'm exhausted for you.