Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sanity Saturday

Well the number one thing that I am thankful for is the fact that my amazing MIL watches all three of the kids from 9-1 every Saturday! What a blessing! I get to just hang out at the house just me! I try to have most of the cleaning done so that I can just relax. Being able to run errands by oneself is something I do NOT take for granted!

Today I was able to have lunch and dinner with a friend! It was very relaxing and much needed!

I will leave you with a few pictures of one of the things that I do to keep my sanity . . . ~CROCHET~

And a little close up for your viewing pleasure . . .

I made this for Mark's cousin's Milton and Londa (Vickery), it is their anniversary and I think they will really like it! I have also made a few for my mom for some upcoming weddings . . . I enjoy doing it while watching TV or movies so I feel less like I am just waisting time!! ;-)

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