Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, yesterday my intentions were to run a 5K (or walk rather since I had done NO prep AT ALL), and then hit the library to get a few books recommended by a friend . . .This did not happen.
I ended up doing the 'yard sale' thing with my mom, sister and Kel. . .Now, let me just give you an idea of what that means for US:
  • You get up and leave the house by 6 AM (it doesn't matter if the sale doesn't start until 7 AM or later) . . . you don't want to miss the good stuff!
  • No time for doughnuts or coffee shops . . . you don't want to miss the good stuff!
  • If the driver doesn't think the sale is worthy of our viewing, she will slow down long enough to give someone else the chance to yell out "yeah stop", but if you aren't quick enough, we are off to the next one . . .you don't want to miss the good stuff!
  • If it happens to be a neighborhood sale, my sister can navigate the Tahoe through traffic better than you could a scooter (I guar-an-tee!) We don't want to miss the good stuff!
  • Also, if it is a neighborhood sale, the chances of me getting left behind are greater because I am the ONLY one that looks at EVERY book in the box (I got left behind quite a bit so I am guessing that I almost ran a 5K by myself) . . .I don't want to miss the good stuff!
  • My BIL is better at this than any of us, but still we try to make an offer on what we want . . .don't want to pay 'too much' for the good stuff!
  • By 7:30 AM (when most people get around to the yard sales) we already have our vehicle loaded down with . . . you guessed it . . .


No one laughs/makes fun of each other/laughs/cracks up/runs/hits the gas station to pee/laughs/eats nasty CORN NUTS/laughs/parks jacked up, or laughs as much as we do when we go to yard sales. It is so much fun and chaos crammed into 2-3 hours, and you couldn't even begin to afford that quality entertainment!!

Now on a more serious note . . .Did YOU get any good stuff???? Hee hee . . .

P.S. I am hitting the library today! Can't wait!

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