Sunday, June 7, 2009

My summers then vs. my summer now. . .

I had been managing the Prairie Grove Aquatic Park for 7 years, and my time was pretty much consumed from early April until the beginning of September every year. Last year was my first year to have a 'free summer' and it was nice. I taught private swim lessons for a little money on the side and the kids and I enjoyed just being lazy. (They missed non stop days of going to 'work' with mom, but managed somehow!)

The Good Ole' Days . . .Ethan, Nate and Garrett (back in the day)

This summer was my first foray into the craziness call Ball Season (that most families around here are VERY aware of). It was $50 per kid with a maximum of $100 per family. Since Garrett and Madison were going to play for sure, I thought "What the heck, let's sign up Ethan too, it won't cost any more!" Wow! Every Monday for the last 5 weeks (minus bad weather) all three had games, at three different ball fields, and sometimes in different towns! Thank goodness for grandparents that were willing to step up to the plate! It has been quite a ride, but the kids have had a blast!

Garrett is on a kid pitch baseball team and plays outfield. He just recently connected with the ball for the first time!! He was so excited and has improved by leaps and bounds since that first hit! He loves playing and just being part of the team!

Garrett is in the front row, farthest on the right.

My number 99 (the year he was born).

On 2nd base, getting ready to steal 3rd. Man, does he love sliding into home!! LOL

Madison plays fast pitch softball with some of her cousins and just loves it! She plays right field and 2nd base. . . she aspires to be a picture one day. She is the youngest on the team at age 8, but wants to move up with the girls next year when they move to the 12 and under league. Mark helps assistant coach her team and has really enjoyed it also!

My number 21 . . .(the day she was born!)

Team Photo: Mark is in the back row on the right and Madison is in the front row first one on the right!

Ethan plays tee ball and has played several positions but his favorite is pitcher and short stop. Watching his games is always entertaining as the kids are all over the place!

Look at that form! My number 6 . . .(the day he was born!)

Hitting is one of his strong points . . .

I have a 'ball bag' that is equiped with a first aid kit, bug spray, sun screen, my camera, the 'baseball bible', extra pony tail holders, sunglasses, sunflower seeds (just the regular ones, non of that 'ranch' or 'dill pickle' flavored stuff for me!), and an insulated tote with drinks and snacks.

At Garrett's games, I like to visit with Sharon Martin, she is refreshing, funny and wise. She also homeschools her children and is a valuable resource (with interesting tidbits of information, I might add!)

Mark and Sharon Martin . . .

At Madison's games, I have several people that I enjoy visiting with, but by far my top favorites are LeAnn, Lucy and Angie. LeAnn and I acutally visit and yell together, while Lucy makes fun of me for my ball bag and my sayings . . . ("Chin up young person!") LOL

LeAnn is on the bottom and Lucy is on top! Angie was missing this day . . .

At Ethan's games Crystal is always entertaining, as is Rachel and Dakota (the coaches mom and niece). No pictures of them yet, but I will get some soon!

I have a great time no matter where I am at, but trying to keep 3 sets of rules seperate and trying to remember all the names of the kids on 3 different teams can be taxing! I wouldn't change it for ANYTHING, and even though this is the last week of regular ball, I am already looking forward to next years craziness!!

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