Sunday, June 14, 2009


Well, we got to Oklahoma around 11:30 am . . .it was already pretty hot (with NO shade). Thankfully a friend invited us to sit under their pop up gazebo . . .it was heaven! We are totally going to get one!
The boys were ahead most of the game, but then it was tied. We entered overtime and scored one run . . .they got up to bat and ended up getting 3 runs to beat us by 2 runs. The boys were bummed, but not for long! We had a 15 min. intermission and got them in the shade for a bit and hydrated again . . . and we played game two! We ended up winning that game 12-2, and Garrett had a great ground hit into centerfield (short stop missed it). He was very excited!! Now we play again today at 3:30 pm and if we win that another game at 5!
I did get some sun on my arms and legs and hit the tanning bed after that. I fell asleep in the tanning bed, which is nice, UNTIL you are rudely awakend by the warm light going off and the cold fan still blowing on you. (Not to mention the loud click when the lights turn off!)

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