Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tid Bit Tuesday

Couldn't resist this . . .
I just started reading two new blogs and wanted to share them with you guys!

This First One is especially for LeAnn, and any of my other 'crochet friends' . . .I have only read three of his entries, but I am totally HOOKED!!

The Second One is for my fellow book readers . . .It is called Flannelgraph and it is a pretty catchy site! Go to the bottom and read about its origins . . . seems like a pretty great group of folks too, and there aren't like 500 of them or anything (YET) so now is a GREAT time to get on board!
P.S. We now have a new member of the family, a blue heeler that Madison has named "Marbles" . . .He is adorable and I will post pictures tomorrow! ;-)

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